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About Us

Whatafood was born in 2018, when three friends decided to offer authentic Brazilian Street Food at fairs and festivals in British Columbia, Canada. In July of 2021, the first brick-and-mortar restaurant was opened in New Westminster, BC, offering authentic Brazilian Street foods to thousands of happy customers! Our signature dough is also sold at grocery stores in Canada!

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Our Food

Brazilian Pastels

Brazilian Pastels are large hand pies made with a thin, crunchy dough. Even though they are deep-fried, our pastels are light and delicious! They can be filled with a variety of flavors, such as ground beef with cheese, pulled chicken, and even vegan options, like hearts of palms



Whatabites are bite-size deep-fried pastries, made with a dough that's crispy outside and chewy inside, stuffed with some delicious goodness, like chicken, cheese, codfish, and more!

These versatile snacks are great to have while running to catch the Skytrain or while having a walk on the pier!
They are also a great option for those cozy movie nights with the family! (A total upgrade from popcorn, for sure!)


Sugar Cane Juice

Sugar cane juice is the result of crushing fresh sugar cane stalks in a special machine. It's a very popular drink in many tropical countries in South America, Africa, and Asia.
It's considered a super drink, with numerous health benefits! We import our Sugar Cane from Brazil, and make fresh press every cup to order!


Pastel Dough

With our signature pastel dough, you can create your own pastels in the comfort of your home! Just choose your preferred filling, close the pastels and deep fry them!

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Opening Hours

Make us a visit! We are open every day, from 11am to 9pm!

800 Carnarvon St #255, New Westminster, BC V3M 0G3

You can also order our foods at Uber Eats, Door Dash, Skip the Dishes, Fantuan and Ritual!

Open every day from 11AM to 9PM

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